Green Stars

Dan Klemann, Resource Management Agency, Manager

For Dan, sustainability means embracing duty and responsibility by acting in such a way that future generations experience a world that is at least equal to, or better than, the world in which we currently live. In his free time you might find him surfing a pig, a 1960s long board that has wide rounded tails, single d-fins pushed way back on the board and a relatively narrow nose. Dan lives green in his own daily life by riding his bike to work most days, minimizing his consumption of meat and avoiding the purchase of disposable products.

He is a member of the Channel Islands Tracking Team, which consists of a group of volunteers who are studying and collecting data on wildlife movement in Ventura County, in order to inform decision-makers and the public about critical issues pertaining to wildlife movement and habitat conservation in Ventura County. At home, Dan aspires to completing the conversion of his yard and landscaping to all xeriscape, native and drought tolerant landscaping.

One Action: Ride your bike to work at least a couple of days per week. At home, teach your child about the importance of being a responsible, conscientious global citizen.

David Goldstein, Public Works Agency, Environmental Resource Analyst

At lunchtime, you might find David feeding food scraps to worms that he cultivates in two big boxes at the PWA/GSA compost site near the Service Building. He defines sustainability as “people, planet, profit: meeting needs in each of these areas without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.”

David walks the green talk; he frequently rides his bike to work. He administers the Ventura County Recycling Market Development Zone, supporting companies to make products from discarded materials, making recycling more convenient and cost effective. He writes or edits each Sunday’s “Eye on the Environment” column in the VC Star.

He is a real Green Star at home, where he has installed solar panels generating 5,723 kWh electricity per year, eats low on the food chain, composts food scraps, line dries his laundry and uses re-refined motor oil. He sits on the advisory committee for the Ventura Unified School District and the facility committee at his synagogue, advancing programs and policies that save money, water and energy. David is also on the Board of Directors of Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County, where he helped start ReStores, which sells over $60,000 worth of used building materials and home improvement items in Oxnard and Simi Valley.

One Action: Reduce your carbon footprint by eating more locally grown fruits and vegetables and less meat.

Dennis Scamardo, GSA, Fleet Services Manager

As a hobby race-car driver, Dennis has a passion for green cars - he races on Ethanol fuel. At work, Dennis has expanded the County's green fleet, saving the County over $250,000 and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 950 tons (equivalent to taking 173 cars off the road). Dennis would love to see all employees use the County green fleet for work-related activities. When asked what inspires him to be greener, Dennis is clear: "I'd like my grandkids to have a healthy place to live."

One Action: Be aware that little things add up - use the County green fleet!

Leticia Rodriguez, VCMC, Chief of Hospital Operations

Leticia has spearheaded the VCMC's recycling and composting program, green procurement agenda, and other sustainability efforts. She is proud of the VCMC staff. She says, "They are very committed to recycling and have added valuable insights, enhancing our program."

One Action: Add one more item to your list of recyclables, both at work and at home.

Rosalind Harris, GSA Manager

With her finger in many green pies, Rosalind is a true GREEN STAR, providing GSA leadership on many sustainability efforts. Most recently, Rosalind developed and produced the GSA Special Services, Housekeeping and Grounds' Earth Day Booklet, and the GSA Recycling Pledge. To Rosalind, sustainability means "life." When asked what inspires her to be greener, Rosalind is enthusiastic about leaving a legacy to her children that she can be proud of. "I want my legacy to include clean air, water, food, and a healthy climate.... Leaving a small carbon footprint will be part of my legacy."

One Action: Take the GSA Recycling Pledge.

Mark Lorenzen, Fire Chief

Under Mark's leadership, the Fire Department has completed construction of the greenest fire stations in the Department's 84-year history. The new stations will use less energy and water, helping the County to reduce its carbon footprint. They integrate solar panels, recycled materials, drought tolerant plants, dual-pane windows, an electric car charging station, tankless water heaters, and energy-efficient lighting.

One Action: Remember to recycle and conserve energy whenever possible.

Eric Kothman, VCMC, Assistant Food Services Supervisor

Eric has helped to implement the medical center's new compost program. By composting patient and cafeteria food waste, VCMC is keeping waste from our landfill and saving money. Eric has trained his staff to sort the waste, recycle all plastic, bottles, and cans, and compost food waste. The program is saving $200 per month (by eliminating a trash waste bin at the hospital) and has diverted over 10 tons of food waste from the landfill to date. For Eric, sustainability means, "Reusing our waste for the betterment of the environment and reducing our footprint in the landfills."

One Action: I would like to see all of my dietary employees jump on board with the recycling program here at VCMC.

Wes Clark, VCMC, Dietary Manager

Wes has jumped on board to help implement VCMC’s new compost program. The system is now successfully diverting in excess of 6 tons per month of local food waste from local landfills. Instead of becoming waste in a landfill, it becomes fertilizer for local crops. At home, Wes is a long-time recycler.

One Action: For employees to bring their passion for recycling home so the whole community benefits.